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Freestanding Holiday Homes


The Best of the Alps and the Provence

In a wide valley in the Hautes-Alpes lies Domaine de Sivas. Surrounded by beautiful mountains, covered with woods, the Domaine exhibits tranquility and beauty. The Domaine covers some 70 hectacres, mostly woodland, but also ravins, walking paths and farmland.

This part of France has a lot of sunshine, so in spring and autums it's a good place to be. And in winter there is a lot of sun too and it is often possible tohave a lunch outside.

La Ferme Les Balayres

La Ferme is the heart of the Domaine and is built in a Provence Style. The Ferme used to house the farmers family and its cattle in the stables. Now it is a authentic country house with a lot of private space around.

The house provides sleeping space for up to 8 persons.


From € 80,- per night


Le Poème

The Poème is a charming holiday home built in provençale style with a wooden terrace and ample private, quiet space. The house has an entrance hall, a bath room, a sleeping room, and a living room with kitchen facilities.

The holiday home caters for 2 persons.


From € 63.00 per night


La Lavandole

Lavandole is a free standing house with a lot of light, a great view and nice private places to sit outside. The house consists of three spaces: a place to dine and sleep and a bath tower.


From € 51.- per night




There are many activites to do in this region. We have a listed a few of the here.

However do not forget to relax and listen to the silence on Domaine de Sivas.


We walk a lot ourselves and can give advice about level, duration and special characteristics of a great number of trails.



There are many opportunites to swim in clear mountain rivers or lakes. There is a very nice Plan d'Eau nearby.+



Visit the charming southern villages with their farmer's markets and enjoy the local summer activities.



The Hautes-Alpes are known for their very well preserved nature. You can enjoy the breathtaking landscapes and a very rich variety of mammals, insects, birds, butterflies, plants, flowers and herbs.

There are in spring about 20 varieties of wild orchids to find and some 60 bird varieties have been observed on the Domaine alone.


Local produce

In the Hautes-Alpes there is a large choice offered by local, mostly organic, small producers of cheeses, cakes and biscuits, vegetables, fruits, herbal teas and other local specialities. Often you can visit them on their farm



Everywhere around us are bike trails: there is one right on our doorstep. In summer there are days when the "cols" are reserved for cyclists: no other traffic permitted.


About Us

We started living on the Domaine mid 2002. We enjoyed our holidays here already some 30 years and liked it every time. That we would move here eventually was already clear from the first holiday. The great surroundings amidst the mountains always gave us inspiration and rest.

Thanks to various developments in our professional life in the Netherlands we were offered a choice: what to do next? After years of research within and without the university, we decided to continue our life on another level. We were ready to leave the Netherlands and to make a giant step. We wanted to continue in France. Also for our son (8 years old at the time), this was an immense undertaking.

The rental of various gîtes provides us with our base income. Beside that we give weekly course all year round in villages around us in Yoga, Taichi and English.

After all these years we still love to live between the mountains, to enjoy the overwhelming nature and pure air, the contact with the people here and living on the rhythm of the seasons.

Inge and Arnaud


Ask us

Table d'Hôte

Twice a week we invite you for a vegetarian dinner on our balcony. Ideal moment to enjoy good, fresh food, to ask all your questions and enjoy the company of other guests. (€15,- pp)


Your animals are welcome after consultation. They will have a lot of freedom around the gîtes.


If desired we can furnish bed-, bath- or kitchen-linen, so that you do not have to take it with you.

Yoga / Taichi Chuan

Follow a session of Yoga or Taichi Chuan with Inge or Arnaud. If you are not familiar we are happy to introduce you.

Ancient Oze

Let Arnaud take you to the very old ruins of Oze and discover the nature around the Domaine.


Sivas has beautiful skies without any light polution. Arnaud can introduce you to the wonders of the night sky.


We are avid walkers and discovered many paths around. Ask us for advice.


We have four cabines in the woods in case you require more sleeping space.


Latest Testimonials


Adam and Dawn - Le Poème (October 2017)

Had a wonderful week, what a beautiful place. October temperature perfect for walking and the colours are lovely this time of the year. Thank you so much.


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